Here’s how UX can set your business on the right path

Evolving perspective on UX design

Businesses all over the world are gradually becoming aware of the user experience design. Though many businesses lack the clarity on the impact UX design creates and the long term advantages of UX design for businesses.

The understanding of UX design is evolving too. There have been many assumptions and myths about what UX is and how it works. Some of the myths included considering UX design as painting the pig or beautification of digital products that can be done last. …

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User research can help us understand the shifts in consumer behavior for better-aligned products. To be successful, businesses need to perform user research to find out if their products are aligned with the change. If the products can cater to the current needs better. Questions such as — how will you ensure less number of features deliver the high-quality of experience to the customers? or What will your product/ service look like when delivered on a 100% virtual platform?

User research lays the ground work upon which product companies can build relevant products, and launch in the market with more…

Work-life balance is a concept that has been debated over and over. What does it mean when one says I prioritize work-life balance? What do they expect to achieve? Is being a workaholic good or bad?

Keeping unrealistic expectations is the cause of majority disappointments. Everyone talks about working 4-days a week and taking 3-days weekends, but no-one talks about the effect of being highly productive in the shorter amount of time. Rather than debating over the number of workdays and hours, it is important to focus on performance.

Visualize it as a see-saw

It is always going to be…

New job, new city? Not anymore!

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The pandemic has impacted us all through three important levels of our existence. Our personal lives, our professional and our social circles. Our roles and responsibilities may not have changed drastically. But the roles have definitely evolved into co-working in their capacities. And thus the job sector, the employment policies of companies and the overall life choices of people are also changing.

Most of the companies are thinking of opening their offices from the time unlock phase begins. Though there are offices that are thinking otherwise. …


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The pandemic has brought us to peak procrastination.

-Piers Steel from the University of Calgary, a business professor and author of “The Procrastination Equation”

The workplace, an office full of your colleagues rushing about working, printing things have been the majority of our environmental cues. Going from this to suddenly sitting at home — your new workspace, a space you would spend time in only to relax, spend time with family, host parties, etc. Trying to work from your bedroom or living room with limitless distractions from the physical and the virtual space — the social media.

Instead of…

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An Intrapreneur is typically defined as a person who has entrepreneurial traits working in an organization. Developing this trait in employees leads to more innovation and organizational development. So how does one become an intrapreneur? Let’s start by identifying one -

Peculiar traits of an Intrapreneur

Intrapreneurs are bold, ambitious leaders that take the risks to grow in their career. Innovators at heart, these people are drivers of change. They take control and ownership of their work and make the most of the resources they have available.

Intrapreneurs are invested in the business side of the company’s progress as well…

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Design is fast becoming the force to reckon with. And is finally getting the appreciation and attention it deserves. Getting aligned to the roles and responsibilities of a designer as seen from an overview, from a business perspective, and as a crucial part in the bigger scheme of things is important. In the current post-pandemic world, design thinking is proving to be an important skill worldwide.

Upgrading your skills will always be the requirement of a designer’s job. Staying relevant with the current times to solve the problems better. …

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We at YUJ Designs have worked with clients from Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies, software product companies, and other UX mature companies through our decade plus stint. 70% of our clients are B2B, Business Enterprises like supply chain, BFSI, and technology, and the rest 30% are B2C, e-commerce, IoT connected technology and start-ups.

Here are a collection of articles that will help you understand how UX can help businesses from any domain.

  • The future of the pharmaceutical industry: Experience-led innovation
    Technology is fundamental in the way the business interacts with its employees and its customers. The recent pandemic has…

Leading remote teams through crisis and uncertainty
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There’s a lot of research suggesting that celebrating small steps is critical to people on their way to achieve big goals. We. Believe it is an important way of anchoring and enhancing one’s well-being.

Similar research has been performed in the area of organizational development to understand the relation between leaders and employees and find out ways through which one can enhance the productivity of the organization in a most harmonious way.

Most of the employees, get along with their manager and senior management in the company. They look up to them to help shape the success and productivity in…

A good designer is a good listener!

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As a UX designer, one has to master many skills to become efficient in the craft. To be able to deliver better experiences, the designer must solve the right problems.

On this journey to becoming a successful UX designer — Empathy is key! Unfortunately, practicing empathy is an all-too-rare skill. Every design challenge starts with understanding the problem and research, not by solving problems upfront. The first steps while initiating any design project include listening to what the client has to say. …

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