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We at YUJ Designs have worked with clients from Fortune 500 to Fortune 100 companies, software product companies, and other UX mature companies through our decade plus stint. 70% of our clients are B2B, Business Enterprises like supply chain, BFSI, and technology, and the rest 30% are B2C, e-commerce, IoT connected technology and start-ups.

Here are a collection of articles that will help you understand how UX can help businesses from any domain.

  • The future of the pharmaceutical industry: Experience-led innovation
    Technology is fundamental in the way the business interacts with its employees and its customers. The recent pandemic has accelerated the pace of this change.

    Every technology requires translation, to be understood by the users. This is where UX design comes in. A customer-centric mindset in business strategies and a human-centered design approach to achieve that is necessary.

    The changes brought about by advancements in digital technology, the cloud, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things are among the innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry

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  • Cybersecurity may be complex, the solutions need not be
    Cybersecurity has risen to be a necessity in this digital age. Network Security is paramount within any organization. Cybersecurity being a complex, adaptive system, the user feels restricted resulting in a non-enthusiastic outlook towards cybersecurity.

    We believe people don’t buy products, they buy experiences. User experience design can help one enhance the experience of cybersecurity products with the data-driven approach. UX is at the intersection of technology and business, applying design thinking can help bridge the gap.

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  • Enhancing the banking experience
    For the current customers and for the customers of tomorrow — it is imperative that banks put in more efforts on reshaping the customer experience — to be more relevant and to provide the right solution at the right time. In the current COVID-19 times, banks can lend support to their customers by practicing and enhancing digital services.

    Delivering the right customer experience, adapting to the current demands, and introducing more digital services will define the positive role banks will play in helping the society through the unpredictable times. Banks can make a difference by bringing in efficiency and stabilizing the operations, building trust in the customers’ minds.

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  • How product companies can become more resilient
    Users care about how products impact their lives, more than which technology is used to achieve that. We differentiate the product experience to make people’s lives better. Throughout all associations with our clients, we aim to humanize the experience for the end-users.

    With Serious UX companies can offer faster solutions, striking a balance between what is ideal from the point of view of customer experience at the same time what proves to be beneficial to the business.

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With such a varied portfolio, we can claim that UX Design is domain-agnostic.