UX Design Principles: How User Experience Determines Business Success

  • Putting the expectations of users over the preferences or convenience of the designer
  • Addressing existing pain points of the target audience to make their browsing experience easier
  • Understanding the impact of positive user experience on website traffic and ROI
  • Thinking of the product’s usability from the target audience’s point of view
  • Making site navigation and comprehensibility better
Image Credit: Just in Mind
  • Add buttons at convenient and prominent places
  • Keep the design simple and to-the-point
  • Optimize loading speed
  • Add shortcuts on all web pages, like Back and Home buttons
  • Keep all essential information ready and visible
Image Credit: UXcollective
  • Add alternate input methods for visually challenged people.
  • Build websites for computers and mobiles both.
  • Add labels outside text entry fields for the benefit of screen readers.
  • Use a high-contrast design between text and background colors.
Why to Invest in UX Design | Business Benefits by Samir Chabukswar —Global UX Design Consultant



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