Upgrades designers require for collaboration and productivity

Design is fast becoming the force to reckon with. And is finally getting the appreciation and attention it deserves. Getting aligned to the roles and responsibilities of a designer as seen from an overview, from a business perspective, and as a crucial part in the bigger scheme of things is important. In the current post-pandemic world, design thinking is proving to be an important skill worldwide.

Upgrading your skills will always be the requirement of a designer’s job. Staying relevant with the current times to solve the problems better. Here are some of the guides one needs to consider when working in collaboration with other teams for higher productivity.

1. See it, to Believe it.

To keep the state of high productivity alive, designers need to voice out their needs to their colleagues. Any two departments can work together well, once they understand how each team works. We believe mutual respect and liberty in problem-solving are the starting points of a great co-working relationship.

Pro-tip: Listen to your teams. Understand their work styles. And work out the best winning strategy.

2. Listen. Empathize. Respond.

This is the only mantra, we believe co-workers should be expected to master when it comes to achieving targets. A wise man once said if you want to see a change in the world, change yourself. If you want a global change, start local. Start with yourself.

Goal-oriented and focused efforts are a definite success formula for a successful collaboration.

3. Set a purpose, before you schedule a meeting.

Good design is all about a set purpose, intended for an audience who are going to benefit from the solutions. If you have each phase of the project planned out in advance and there’s visibility among the team members, the projects proceed without hassles.

4. Ask. Interpret. Validate. Deliver.
Start with Questions. Start with Why. The more relevant data you gather about a problem, the better your understanding. This is the ground rule. Good designers make it a point not to assume and jump to conclusions. This in-depth understanding is what gives them the confidence to solve the problem. And it comes in handy when collaborating on complex projects. A similar process should be followed when it comes to collaborating with other departments to aim for higher productivity.

Pro-Tip: Intermittent feedback calls and/or daily stand-ups to get everyone on the same page usually works wonders.



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