New job, new city? Not anymore!

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The pandemic has impacted us all through three important levels of our existence. Our personal lives, our professional and our social circles. Our roles and responsibilities may not have changed drastically. But the roles have definitely evolved into co-working in their capacities. And thus the job sector, the employment policies of companies and the overall life choices of people are also changing.

Most of the companies are thinking of opening their offices from the time unlock phase begins. Though there are offices that are thinking otherwise. These companies are paying attention to the emerging trends in the job market.

Most of the people have settled in their hometowns, or are working from a place where they are happy. The power of internet has not stopped a majority of the workforce from continuing to work in almost the same capacity.

The Great Reset

After what everyone went through last year, people are re-prioritizing their lives. They are choosing to be with their families more than chasing their dream jobs in a far away city. A lot of people are making major career shifts. Many young parents with kids now adapting to virtual learning, are hesitant to start working from office.

These personal choices are creating a new trend in the job market. People are now not very keen on relocating for their jobs. There are some futuristic companies out there that are letting go of their physical offices. Trimming the number of the physical offices they have and focus on providing infrastructural help to their employees working from home.

The Future of Workplace

Keeping an eye on these behavioural changes, a lot of companies are changing their policies to adapt to the newer trends. YUJ Designs a top-tier UX design company is one of these change makers.

YUJ Designs has always been a global company, reflecting their philosophy through their business decisions. The company has been making changes in their policies to accommodate their employees’ interests to the best of their capability.

People-Centric Company

As a mark of a true people-oriented organization, YUJ has announced a permanent work from home option for all its employees. The employees, contractors are given multiple options if they choose to go with permanent WFH, or a hybrid mode, or even a 100% return to the workplace.

By shifting the autonomy of making these decisions in the hands of their employees, YUJ has shown immense trust in their workforce. And to support them in their choices, the company has also offered infrastructural support. All of this to avoid deviating from any Government set guidelines, and/or compromising on the health of any of its people.

Truly YUJ is becoming a global company in every sense. The company has already started hiring for more than 92 positions actively from all over the world, promoting remote UX. Check out the Career page to find a suitable role for you.