The Ever-elusive Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a concept that has been debated over and over. What does it mean when one says I prioritize work-life balance? What do they expect to achieve? Is being a workaholic good or bad?

Keeping unrealistic expectations is the cause of majority disappointments. Everyone talks about working 4-days a week and taking 3-days weekends, but no-one talks about the effect of being highly productive in the shorter amount of time. Rather than debating over the number of workdays and hours, it is important to focus on performance.

Visualize it as a see-saw

It is always going to be this way — you working towards bringing balance. It’s about change and movement. Leading a constantly balanced life is unrealistic. After all growth happens when you put yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things and grow your skills, grow as a person.

Schedule everything

When you respect your work, me time others start reciprocating it too. Change happens from within and it starts by you scheduling your tasks down to the hour. It may seem extreme to some, but all it takes is embracing this one small habit and turning it into a ritual everyday.

Get your rest

Resting is important for you to be able to work at your full capacity. Other than the regular breaks, you can change it up, mix your work meetings with team bonding sessions. It’s been proven that novel experiences give your brain a dopamine hit. Try working on cross-functional projects, or even learning new hobbies might do the trick.

All in all, try to resist pressure and achieve a healthier balance when it comes to work, personal growth, family relations, etc. One needs to be able to embrace the process of being aware, and reprioritizing consciously to be better than your earlier versions.

Supporting and designing programs for a productive environment is crucial in these times. Employers are taking the necessary measures to help employees work on their own defined growth paths. At YUJ, leaders provide for an environment that nourishes employee happiness and motivation.

One must view this process as a cycle and not a one-time activity. One needs to constantly re-evaluate the priorities, and work around the current life choices. After all maintaining work-life balance is a labour of love!

What are your thoughts on the topic, how do you work towards achieving work-life balance in your life? Share with us in the comments section.

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