The Changing Face of Recruitment

Gone are the days when companies recruited professionals with specialized talents. Most of the companies are now looking for diverse talent. It is observed that more diverse teams are more creative, excel at work, and are key to building a resilient company.

This is what a good organization says and does:

“We’re recruiting you for your knowledge in the said field and because of all the interesting skills you have and how you can add that to our field.”

The companies that disagree with embracing this outlook say:
“Unless you are a well-established expert in this one area, we’re not interested in the additional skills you bring to the table. We want people who can just do one thing and one thing well.”

This is why so many companies are missing the creative/creator revolution going on in the market right now because they’ve been caught off guard on analytics/automation.

Today any company embracing digitization efforts needs employees that will understand their business well. People who can understand the big picture and collaborate efficiently within departments to bring out better solutions.

It is really about searching for the right job for you. Carving your own route to success. The market is slowly opening up to the possibilities of Generalists co-existing with the specialists.

Something to think about:

To conclude here’s an important thought put forward in the book Range by David Epstein. It explains why Generalists have the chance to triumph in this ever-changing world and how a specialist outlook to work can prove to be a downside.

“Failing a test is the best way to learn. Frequent quitters end up with the most fulfilling careers. The most impactful inventors cross domains rather than deepening their knowledge in a single area. As experts silo themselves further while computers master more of the skills once reserved for highly focused humans, people who think broadly and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives will increasingly thrive.”

Let us know your thoughts on the subject!



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