Onwards to 2021

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As we dreadfully get back to our work week after a reasonably enjoyable holiday, one wonders if we’re ready to take on the challenges?

Well, according to all the social media platforms, the tweets and the buzzes, and all the talks and podcasts — the word of the year 2020 is — Resilience!

Something to take note of before we dive into our “next year” or “the tomorrow-land” where we dreamed of making it to the top. Of course, there are certain people who prefer plunging directly into their work to make it through the day. Though some give it a little more thought, and re-align themselves before taking on the work.

Considering the year we have been through, the most important thing to take care of will be — YOU.

Yes, and in order to do that, here are some tips that can help you kick-start the year on a better-prepared note.

1. Be mentally ready for re-entry

After a tough year and enjoying a well-deserved long weekend, it is bound to be difficult to re-enter your work zone. But, it isn’t too late yet. You can assess the situation and better prepare yourself for the amazing work you intend to deliver.

2. Build an infinite mindset

It is important to have an open mindset to not just learn from the mistakes of the past but, also to optimistically plan ahead. It is crucial to look at things in a learning and planning way, rather than mistakes/ failure and uncertain way.

3. Prioritize

Re-establishing and tweaking your routine is important to get back in the work zone. So is prioritizing. In fact, many leaders use the “enumerate and eliminate” technique to assess the possibilities. You maximize on the ideas, brainstorm, and minimize by removing the diluted actions, i.e., the actions misaligned with your purpose and priority.

4. Stay away from the distractions

Constantly working on directing 100% undiluted efforts towards your work and avoiding distractions is a bigfoot these days. Though specifically on days like these when you’re trying to pull yourself back on track, undivided attention to tasks at hand will be a great help.

Image credit: Breakthroughvisuals.com

5. One step at a time

Getting back to work is tough but it’s important to practice mindfulness to get the concentration that is much needed. And what better way to look at things one at a time. Avoid feeling overwhelmed and yet at the end of the day, you’ll be able to accomplish much more with more concentration. Needless to say, the peace of mind will be the bigger carrot here.

Hopefully, these reminders will help you make 2021 a remarkable and inspiring year.




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