Leading remote teams through crisis and uncertainty

Leading remote teams through crisis and uncertainty
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There’s a lot of research suggesting that celebrating small steps is critical to people on their way to achieve big goals. We. Believe it is an important way of anchoring and enhancing one’s well-being.

Similar research has been performed in the area of organizational development to understand the relation between leaders and employees and find out ways through which one can enhance the productivity of the organization in a most harmonious way.

Most of the employees, get along with their manager and senior management in the company. They look up to them to help shape the success and productivity in the organization. And this relationship with the management leaders has an impact on the overall job satisfaction levels of every employee. Realizing the value of this equation is crucial in achieving organizational, and business goals.

A company’s success can be defined by the shareholder value and GDP. But more importantly by the quality leadership, culture, and scope of growth for everyone. In a crux, leadership is very important to steer the teams in the right direction. Making the most of this X-factor becomes even more crucial in times of such uncertainty and crisis.

Working remotely has not been a challenge for YUJ Designs. As YUJ has been working as a remote UX partner of many international clients for a really long time. At YUJ we realize, that leading through a crisis is actually change management It’s important for leaders to be aware of the capabilities of their team members and help each other cope with the changes.

Through our experience, some of the crucial aspects of leading these remote teams are -

1. Communication
Communication and collaboration are the most important drivers of working successfully in a remote capacity.

2. Harness motivation
Having worked in the same space or office becomes difficult to track the motivational levels of every team member when working from different locations. It is crucial for the leader to be in touch with and know well how the team members are handling their work.

3. Enable autonomy
Catching hold of someone while passing through the corridors, getting approvals in principle, conducting quick, impromptu meetings is something that will never happen when working remotely! So, it becomes easier when every individual starts taking on more responsibility and using the liberty well to make time-crucial decisions.

4. Redefine policies and KPIs
As every scenario has changed with the way we work now, the KPIs also need to change. Barring some of the most important aspects such as delivering high-quality, timely, and error-free collateral should not be compromised. Though work hours flexibility is something that should be considered.

The pandemic has led us through a lot of changes and there is a possibility for this remote work will stay. An upside to the overall change in work is that the remote teams may just prove to be more productive.

If you are new to the concept of remote UX, ‘How remote UX can be done successfully’ can guide you.

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