How to make businesses UX friendly

Utilize UX design truly as a business differentiator

yuj | a global design company
2 min readMar 20, 2020

UX Designers FINALLY have earned a seat at the table. Industries are welcoming the user-centered methodologies with open arms. This is a victory. One that was earned through a lot of hard work, a lot of convincing. It is good to be heard. It is, indeed a good time for UX design studios worldwide. Now that other industries are all aboard the UX-ship, let us try to understand how can we help them inculcate UX design in their organizations.

1. Know where you stand

Becoming UX friendly is a big challenge for most organizations. It is even harder for orthodox hierarchical companies. Businesses all over now understand that UX is a major business differentiator. 70% of enterprise CEOs now see UX as a competitive differentiator, according to a recent survey. UX maturity plays an important part in the bigger picture. Businesses need to embrace user centered methodology for a better business growth. The first step would be to assess your current position.

2. If you please the users, you’ll be in the business

This is the essence of UX design methodology. In large organizations, as the divide between the users and the products/ services can be vast, it is essential to incorporate UX methods. An institutional focus to bridge this gulf by focusing on the users’ goals and needs is necessary. Businesses should focus on building the solutions around them. UX process should be consistently integrated into the product development cycle. This way the business solutions will be more relevant and emotionally resonant.

3. Embrace UX maturity

UX maturity is now crucial for every business that wants to stay relevant. UX mature businesses are where, UX design becomes a key aspect of how a business thinks and acts. The company enables comprehensive training sessions and workshops towards helping employees realize and drive forward the company’s UX vision. UX mature businesses are agile, customer-centric and have thorough, well-thought of internal processes.

It is safe to say, following these three steps, one can utilize UX design truly as a business differentiator. Being a UX design practitioner is as much a consultative role as a practical one. UX is part of a business-wide strategy and the development of products for users. Today, any business needs to be able to pre-empt market changes effectively.



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